Rice Cake Combos

If you’re looking for a quick, crunchy snack you can dress up with limitless combinations, these are for you! Rice cakes are relatively lower in calories (60 cal/rice cake) compared to other carbohydrates such as bread or crackers. Rice cakes don’t have an overly impressive nutrient profile, but they can be a great snack when you balance them with other nutritious toppings. For instance, pairing rice cakes with almond butter/peanut butter and bananas or blueberries would give you a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fiber.

Quaker rice cakes (salt free): Calories: 35, Carbs: 7g, Fats: 0g, Proteins: 1g

Quaker rice cakes (chocolate – pictured): Calories: 60, Carbs: 12g, Fats: 1g, Proteins: 1g

A vast majority of rice cakes are gluten-free, making them a great snack for those with gluten sensitivity.

You can find a wife variety of sweet and savory flavors such as Cinnamon, Chocolate, Popcorn, Tomato & Basil, etc. but be mindful of the amount of salt and/or sugar added.

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