Bully Love!

This is our buddy Basil!  She just turned 6 months old. We both love english bulldogs and their laid back, loving personalities. Also, who doesn’t love a bunch of rolls? You have to love a dog who can always put a smile on your face. Bulldogs often have a stigma of looking mean and dangerous. However, if you’ve ever owned or play with a bulldog, you know that nothing can be further from the truth. They are dependable, predictable and great with kids! We aren’t able to own a dog in the apartment we currently live in, so we play with Basil every chance we get.

Lisa enjoys crocheting hats, tops, etc. and used to do it as a business during high school and undergrad. We decided to make Basil a hat to keep her warm during the cold winter season (plus we thought she would look great in it). We made a few hats for Basil to match any occasion. Let us know which hat is your favorite!