Photo Shoot: Full Time Friends, Part Time Models

Her perspective:

I have always enjoyed taking photos whether it be on my Motorola Razr, point and shoot cameras, GoPro or iPhone. My husband and I started taking more and more photos throughout the years and we finally took the leap and invested in a Sony A7iii mirrorless camera with some great prime and zoom lenses.

We love taking scenic landscape photos when we travel back home to Hawai’i and recently ventured into portrait photography.

I asked two of my beautiful classmates, Amber and Christy if they would let me photograph them after finals and they agreed to be my first models! As dental school students, we live in our scrubs, so they were certainly excited to dress up and let their hair down.

We did the shoot at Sahuaro Ranch at golden hour. It was really a fun experience photographing them. To be fair, they made it super easy for me! They were able to show off their personalities and the strong bond they share with each other. Both Amber and Christy are perfect examples of strong, beautiful women in the healthcare field. I still have a lot to learn, but I really enjoyed the experience and looking forward to improving my craft!