Brooks or Bust

Between being on our feet for work/school all day, cardio, weight training and walking numerous miles when we travel, having a shoe we can count on is extremely important to us.

Both of us have had big name brand shoes (Adidas, New Balance, Nike, etc.), but out Brooks shoes have been the most comfortable, durable and functional shoe we have had yet.

I bought my first pair of Brooks Ghost 10 running shoes 2 years ago after a recommendation from a sales associate at Tortoise & Hare Sports. Once I tried on my first pair of Brooks, I haven’t looked back.

Brooks started in 1914 as a small family-owned shoe factory in Philadelphia and has a long history of making a variety of quality shoes worn by professional football players and Major League baseball players. Have you ever seen the rubber stopper on the front of roller skates? You can thank Brooks for that too!

In 2001, Brooks geared its focus solely on running. Now they are some of the industry leaders in fit, feel, ride, style and performance in running gear.

One of my favorite aspects of Brooks running shoes is that they are really comfortable for people with wider feet. I struggled with my previous Nike shoes that always fit on the narrower side and would give me discomfort after a long hike or run. Even “wide” shoes just never fit quite right. Brooks uses a revolutionary 3D fit print (maintains structure, flexibility and lighter weight), guide rails (allowing hips, knees and joints to move your with your specific motions), full integrated shock absorbers, Brooks DNA (specifically provides cushioning specific to your needs), a rounded heel (reduce stress on your body), etc. That’s just a few aspects of the shoe, here’s more of the benefits below!

I currently have the Brooks Ghost 11 and have used them during cardio, weight training and traveling in San Francisco. The Ghost 11 has a slightly softer midsole, more flexible in the upper and a fraction wider compared with my previous Ghost 10 shoes. The Brooks Ghost 11 currently retails for $120.

Lisa has had the Brooks PureFlow 6 since April of last year. To this day, her shoes look like it just came out of the box. She has a bad habit of stepping into her shoes (just like me), yet they’re still able to hold there shape, unlike other shoes she’s had where they get deformed over time. They are tremendously comfortable for her when she’s in sim lab doing her dental procedures, at the gym on an intense leg day or walking around the city when we go on vacation. A vast majority of faculty at her school also claim Brooks shoes are their favorite, especially since they’re always on the move.

There’s no one shoe fits all when it comes to brand preference, but we can’t imagine going back to any other brand of shoes for everyday wear. I would highly recommend trying them and checking out their shoe finder function to see which shoe fits your intended goals! We don’t have any financial ties to Brooks, but we wanted to share our experience because we’re so excited to have found our perfect shoe. Let us know if you get a pair!